PopUp Retail

A pop-up sale – in English pop-up retail – in German mostly pop-up store –
is a short-term and provisional retail store.

A business area can still accommodate the pop-up sale in one day and can be used for another purpose a day or a few weeks later. In addition to the obvious sales of goods, the goal is on the one hand to increase the perceived value of the goods offered – often only of a single brand – through the sudden appearance and advertising by word of mouth. In addition, potential customers can expect the sale to be completed the next day and are encouraged to visit the store quickly and make a spontaneous purchase. On the other hand, there are hardly any advertising costs, and temporarily vacant sales rooms can be rented inexpensively. A pop-up sale is primarily used for fast, profitable sales of goods, especially for seasonal goods, and for image maintenance.

The Pop Up Festival gives potential interested parties the opportunity to try out their ideas for a certain period of time. Property owners can use us to report vacant commercial space in Herzogenrath and the surrounding area. These are entered and managed on our website. This service brings owners and interested parties together. In addition, they are supported in marketing their free space and commercial space.

The first pop-up store was opened in November 2019 at Bahnhofstraße 7, 52134 Herzogenrath.

From there, the idea could develop into pop-up and co-working.

As the central contact for all questions about real estate, we are the linchpin between Kleikstrasse and Bahnhofstrasse. Because vacancy management focuses on vacancies, which are clearly present in the inner city area. The first step is to get an overview of empty buildings. Then, in conversation with the owner, the search for a suitable solution begins. Always with the aim of enhancing the Herzogenrather cityscape. And with the knowledge:
The appearance of real estate decisively shapes the face of cities, including our city Herzogenrath.

As a property owner, interested in construction or renovation, you can actively contact vacancy management at any time. We would like to assist and advise the owner in dealing with his house. The conversion or modernization of residential and commercial buildings in the village is only more difficult at first glance than the new building on the “green field”.

Vacancy management offers comprehensive advice in its pop-up area. The vacancy manager’s lecture series also provides comprehensive information about construction and renovation.

“Herzogenrather identity” is the field of action for us as vacancy managers. Pop-up stores allow ideas to be presented at short notice and made accessible to citizens. The numerous advantages of the city and region should be made clearer to citizens than ever before.

Studies show that a city that is aware of its strengths has an attractive effect on families and skilled workers.
The Pop-Up Festival is therefore an important piece of the mosaic for the future of the liveable city of Herzogenrath.

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