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into a better life …

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Loss of job, illness, loss of life partner and many other living conditions can cause (severe) crises, even threaten the entire existence. Sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, Hartz IV, bankruptcy, loss of housing or impending homelessness are living conditions that represent extreme burdens.

Financially on the siding, there is usually no longer the motivation to take life by the horns again. “Get up, crown and move on” is then only known from fairy tales and childhood fables, but in real life you may not have the strength or the courage to do so.

You need some support, professional advice, someone with a good idea or at least a helping hand for a new start. If so, contact us, maybe we can help you. We are a non-profit organization that deals with the basic problems of people. We find that nothing is worse than lying on the floor and then resigning completely. A crisis does not mean that life as such is bad. A crisis means realigning life, straightening yourself up and then continuing on your own responsibility – but not necessarily alone!

We support people who have got into an emergency:

  • with our network of helpers (coaches, lawyers, craftsmen and many more)
  • at our monthly club meetings for housing procurement
  • with various self-help projects in which everyone can get involved
  • when looking for mini jobs
  • with small jobs that can lead to viable independence
  • with training for very little money or for a donation

…and offer everyone the opportunity to participate and develop, so that life is worth living again!

Now for some of the things we make possible …

In spring 2020, Wohltat reopened the “Fresh Box”, also with the aim of consistently locating an “unpacked shop” and “fresh box” in Herzogenrath-Mitte and also for the surrounding area.

Our focus is on food, if possible with organic quality, but above all also to offer products from the immediate region and if possible without packaging.

Online orders are possible via the APP and the website. The delivery takes place via “Wohltat e.V BRINGTS” (please do not confuse it with the Cologne group) – a challenge that should be supported in all areas. If you still have ideas and want to participate, please contact us.

If you have information that we should post in our event calendar or have comments about what you see here,
please contact us via e-mail or via our website.

RepairCafè in Herzogenrath-Zentrum (OK61)

Wohltat eV in Herzogenrath takes up the fight against the throw-away society and opens a new center for self-help in upper Kleikstrasse (OK61) (but also for people who want to go into business for themselves. This is not always easy, but we give it to you Opportunity to receive sustainable advice and support to achieve this goal).

A repair café is a place where defective everyday objects such as toasters, computers or even tools are repaired together. As a rule, volunteer helpers organize the cafés and offer support and “help for self-help”. Mostly there are experienced craftsmen and tinkerers on site who have a lot of tips and tricks in store for the interested layperson.

A repair cafe also takes care of our resources and deals with the question: What can you do? The classic dust catchers such as unused PCs, laptops that are no longer required, older cell phones and smartphones, etc. are rotting in the drawer, but could still do good service. Likewise, all kinds of tools, some of which have far too much … That ranges from screwdrivers to soldering irons or hedge trimmers.

What someone no longer needs may be urgently needed by another, and he would like to buy it cheaply somewhere. The Herzogenrather can now come to the new repair café on Kleikstrasse. Because: why throw away? Why not breathe new life into old devices and use them again?

The RepairCafé is also happy to accept monetary and material donations. If you no longer need tools or technical things, please bring them to us. We know people who can use them well. And you help the RepairCafé to continue doing good.

You can find us in Herzogenrath at Kleikstraße 61 (“OK61”) (opposite the main portal of St. Marien) daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. or by appointment (02406 – 98 78 653)

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