We support low earners on their way to a better life …

Loss of job, illness, loss of life partner and many other living conditions can cause (severe) crises, even threaten the entire existence. Sickness benefit, unemployment benefit, Hartz IV, bankruptcy, loss of housing or impending homelessness are living conditions that represent extreme burdens.

Financially on the siding, there is usually no longer the motivation to take life by the horns again. “Get up, crown and move on” is then only known from childhood fairy tales and fables, but in real life you may not have the strength or the courage to do so.

You need some support, professional advice, someone with a good idea or at least a helping hand for a new start. If so, contact us, maybe we can help you. We are a non-profit organization that deals with the basic problems of people. We find that nothing is worse than lying on the floor and then resigning completely. A crisis does not mean that life as such is bad. A crisis means realigning life, straightening yourself up again and then continuing on your own responsibility!

… we support people who have got into an emergency:

  • with our network of helpers (coaches, lawyers, craftsmen and many more)
  • at our monthly club meetings for housing procurement
  • with various self-help projects in which everyone can get involved
  • when looking for mini jobs
  • with small jobs that can lead to viable independence
  • with training for little money or for a donation

… and offer everyone the opportunity to participate and develop, so that life is worth living again!

Just talk to us. We are here for you!

We support low-income earners in
the Aachen region on the way to a better life.

Kleikstrasse 61 (OK61)
52134 Herzogenrath

Mon – Sat 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Tel. 02406 – 98 78 653
Mail: welltat-ev@gmx.de
Website: welltat-ev.de

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