German Scottish Friendship Association

German Scottish Friendship Association
for culture and social issues

Club idea:

The Union

As enthusiastic fans of Scotland, its diverse landscape, the way of life of the people, the tradition, the music and last but not least the whiskey, it is our aim to help people in Germany, especially here in the Aachen region and the border area with the Netherlands and Belgium, to bring a piece of this Scotland closer. So on August 1st, 2016 we founded our association, “German Scottish Association for Culture and Social Affairs”.

Our goal is

Establishing, maintaining and intensifying contacts in Scotland.
Organize trips to Scotland. We have considered different topics: city trips, cultural trips, hiking trips, whiskey trips, etc.
Organize photo, film and art exhibitions.
to let different clubs work together. We want to hold joint events. Of course, local associations should also be included, which at first glance have no closer connection to Scotland.
to unite all ages. Through the association, children, young people and adults have the opportunity to find each other, to exchange ideas and to plan and carry out actions together.
to help shape the idea of ​​inclusion.
We encourage people with disabilities to participate with us on an equal footing and to participate in our events and activities.
to support social projects or environmental and nature conservation.

We have had some successful events in the past few years.

Among other things, the “Burns Supper / Burns Night” starts in January.

A traditional Scottish festival with poems and songs by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, of course the pipes and drums must not be forgotten here.

We also celebrate St. Patrick’s Day every year in March.

Here you can celebrate with live music and a good mood!

In June we will then hold the Celtic Euregio Days.

The first CED’2018 aroused such great interest and extremely positive resonance in society and politics that we decided to hold an annual event.

Now the next “Celtic Euregio Days” are just around the corner, this time in Herzogenrath.

The preparations are currently in full swing and we are looking forward to many participants both at the festival and in the attached historical tent camp.

Please also note Frank Staudinger’s letter in the event calendar.

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